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Virginia's fondness for pastel hues results in a distinct visual aesthetic of her analogue photography.

Within such aesthetic, her photography is a combination of romantic dreamy imagery, melancholic landscapes and the idea of the uniqueness in nature and urban scenarios.


The colors are shown as dreamscape palettes representing the dance between reality and surreal aesthetics. Pink and purple tones are almost ever-present, replacing the normal hues and creating surreal images.

Dreamy double exposures play a key role in this artwork, where flowers take over the images and accentuate the power of imagination. By using this creative vision, the inner beauty in the world is showcased as a way of inspiring others through such special and charming look. 


She works with 35mm film rolls and her inspiration lies mainly in art, literature, pop culture and fashion. 

Online Features

Shoot It With Film, La Peliculera and First Of The Roll.


2022 -  1st Prize Photo Series | IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities

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